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May 3-7, 2021 Free Virtual Event

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Ila Pal & James Tong, Technical Program Co-chairs
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Free Registration

Registration is free courtesy of our Sponsors

Monday May 3, 2021
7-10 am PDT/UTC-7

Session 1

5G/mmWave devices present significant challenges across semiconductor test industry, from instrumentation, material, test interconnects to HVM handling equipment. This session will start with an overview of 5G/mmWave testing, followed by a discussion on test platform and calibration techniques. We will take a deep dive on a socket and handler integration for OTA testing, then a comprehensive check on PCB design optimization for up to 70 GHz, and finish the session with a close examination of a novel structure of switching PCBs and contactors for mmWave testing.

“From 5G mmWave to 6G THz: What's Next in RF Test Challenges”
Jeorge Hurtarte
“Open Platform Production Test for mmWave/5G Devices”
Jon Semancik
Marvin Test Solutions
Dale Johnson
Marvin Test Solutions
“Socket Design and Handler Integration for High-Volume Over the Air Testing of 5G Applications”
Natsuki Shiota
Jose Moreira
Aritomo Kikuchi
Hiromitsu Takasu
“Optimized PCBs in a 5G World”
Don Thompson
R&D Altanova
“Package Testing of mmWave 5G Applications”
Aaren Lonks
William Reid
Don Thompson

Tuesday May 4, 2021
7-10 am PDT/UTC-7

Session 2
Big Data for Semiconductors & Market Reports

Big data and machine learning is seemingly everywhere, with the technology becoming pervasive. In this session we look at new forms of data collection enabling big data and its use to solve problems in the semiconductor industry, specifically machine learning algorithms are being utilized to investigate the causal mechanisms of customer returns in a test flow of semiconductor manufacturing environment (resulting in Big Data). We also take time to come up to speed the other ‘big’ dataset as we do every year, the marketplace report and outlook!

“Marketplace Report”
Ira Feldman
Feldman Engineering
“Semiconductor Market in 2021 and Beyond: Sustainable Growth, or Bubble?”
John West
VSLI Research
Abstract (English)

"The relentless demand for semiconductors over the past year is showing no signs of easing. Supply chains are working at full stretch, and at the current rate of growth, the industry will reach a value of over one trillion US dollars by 2030. Concerns are growing that the market has been too good for too long, and a correction is due soon.

This presentation explores the dynamics driving the industry, the warning signs of a market correction to look out for, and what this means for suppliers of test and burn-in sockets"

“Big Data”
Rahima Mohammed
“Production Wafer Probe of 77-81 Ghz Automotive Radar Applications”
Marty Cavegn
Jory Twitchell
Poster Session
Poster Session

“The Channel Branching Technology with Fan-Out Buffers for Implementing a High Parallelism Probe Card”
Yun-Hyok Choi
SungKyunKwan University
Jun-Pyo Lee
SungKyunKwan University
Gyu-Yeol Kim
Samsung Electronics Company
Byung-Sung Kim
Semiconductor Building
“Reusable ATE Interface - Making the Most out of Uni-Board(mDIB)”
Senthilkumar Dhamodharan
Caliber Interconnect Solutions Pvt Ltd
Mohanasundaram "Mohan" Selvaraj
Caliber Interconnect Solutions Pvt Ltd
“Optimal Localization of DC/AC Relay Chips in a High Parallelism Probe Card for ENhancement of SIgnal Integrity”
Junhee Han
SungKyunKwan University
Kwangho Kim
SungKyunKwan University
Gyu-Yeol Kim
Samsung Electronics Company
Wansoo Nah
Sungkyunkwan University
“Achieving 54+ Ghz Using Optimized Socket Architecture with Traditional probe technology for low cost-of-test”
Peter Cockburn
Jason Mroczkowski

Wednesday May 5, 2021
7-10 am PDT/UTC-7

Session 3
Contact Technology

Contact technology plays a critical role in making stable electro-mechanical contact from the semiconductor processor to the PCB, with critical challenges rising from denser pitch on the lands/solder-balls, higher pin and I/O count, larger package size, RoHS lead-free, shortening of time-to-market, cost control. In this session, we will start with proposing a structure to prevent crosstalk of elastomer sockets to improve transmission losses and reduce costs. Second presentation will be on understanding resistance fluctuations in contacts under high current loading. Third presentation will show how important lower ground inductances are to devices performance operating at high frequencies that affect device test yields. Final presentation will be on the importance of using high frame rate microscope cameras in a test environment for motion studies.

“Coaxial Elastomer Socket for Crosstalk”
Justin Yun
Dave "Dave " Oh
Seungho Woo
Yunchan "YC" Nam
“Resistance Flucuations in Contacts Under High Current Loading”
Gert Hohenwarter
GateWave Northern Inc.
“Package Grounding Effects on Electrical Test Performance in Contactors”
Jeff Sherry
Johnstech International
“Bridging the Gap, Part 2”
Dong Weon "Dan" Hwang
HiCon Co., Ltd.
Noel Del Rio
Paul Schubring
HiCon Global
“Evolution of High-Performance Spring Probes”
Lambert "Bert" Brost

Thursday May 6, 2021
7-10 am PDT/UTC-7

Session 4
Meeting High Performance Need

This session will discuss solutions including an alternative low cost approach that lets the user source analog signals using pre-existing high-speed digital instruments, challenges on testing Bluetooth earphone device in ATE, modeling and measurement of high bandwidth devices with minimized error, and a roadmap and expectations for 30-70 GHz signals in a load board or probe card. You will also learn about a new high performance PCB interposer design used for evaluating different PAM4 SERDES performance without the need to redesign the validation platform. Finally, a new socket design for desktop CPUs will be discussed for enabling higher CPU frequencies.

“'Dancing Over Digital-Analog Dichotomy' - Engendering Analog Signals from Digital Channels”
Senthilkumar Dhamodharan
Caliber Interconnect Solutions Pt Ltd
Mohanasundaram "Mohan" Selvaraj
Caliber Interconnect Solutions Pvt Ltd
“Demonstrating V93000 WSMX_HR Analog Performance Requirement in TWS Application”
Hersy Liu
“Design and Analysis of a High-Performance PCB Interposer for 100G PAM4 Validation”
Xiao-Ming Gao
“Modeling Measurement of High Bandwidth Device”
Nozar Naing
Texas Instruments
“A New Desktop Socketing Approach to Boost Operating Frequencies”
Emad Al-Momani

Friday May 7, 2021
7-10 am PDT/UTC-7

Session 5
Take the big picture
System Level Test

Creating a reliable and performant test-cell is a challenging task, independent of if it is for system-level test, final test or wafer probe configuration. Many different aspects need to be considered to become successful. In this session, we will put the spotlight on four specific areas from all three test areas. We will start with a look at System-Level test, before taking on the challenge of large fan-out for wafer probe heads. Next we will understand why electro-static discharge management is critical to the test industry, and we will finish with an in-depth look into the technology of elastomer contactors.

“System Level Test Needs, Requirements, and Equipment”
Richard "Rich" Karr
Texas Instruments
“Design Strategy for Achieving a Transparent Probe-Head”
Svetlana Sejas
SV Probe
“ESD Protective Contactors for Optimal Test Performance”
David Skodje
Johnstech International
Emerson Reyes
Analog Devices
Ruel Cruz
Analog Devices
“Advanced Elastomers. for ATE/SLT Test”
Sanghyun "S.H." Joo
University of Seoul
JunHyuk Yang
Donggyun Woo
Mike Dell
Poster Session
Poster Session

“Unleashing the Magic of Parallelism in ATE”
Senthilkumar Dhamodharan
Caliber Interconnect Solutions Pvt Ltd
Mohanasundaram "Mohan" Selvaraj
Caliber Interconnect Solutions Pvt Ltd
“AI Chip Structure Test Challenge and AI Application Test Coverage Enhancement on ATE”
Corning Zhu
Winston Zhang
Jason Cao
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