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BiTS is the world's premier workshop dedicated to providing a forum for the latest information about burn-in and test socketing, and related fields.
At BiTS you'll find a comprehensive technical program, exhibits of the latest products and services, and many opportunities to meet, network and explore ideas with other test and burn-in socketing professionals.

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The papers in this publication comprise the proceedings of the 2000 BiTS Workshop. They reflect the authors’ opinions and are reproduced as presented , without change. Their inclusion in this publication does not constitute an endorsement by the BiTS Workshop, the sponsors, BiTS Workshop LLC, or the authors.

There is NO copyright protection claimed by this publication or the authors. However, each presentation is the work of the authors and their respective companies: as such, it is strongly suggested that any use reflect proper acknowledgement to the appropriate source. Any questions regarding the use of any materials presented should be directed to the author/s or their companies.

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This was the inaugural Burn-in and Test Socket (BiTS) workshop. Sponsored by the Test Technology Technical Council of the IEEE Computer Society, the new workshop dealt with Burn-in and Test socketing topics. The program ran from Sunday, February 27, 2000, through late Tuesday afternoon.

Technical Program

Over 20 presentations, from suppliers and users, were delivered (view foils). They were organized into 7 sessions: two full sessions on Monday, plus 3 full and 2 concurrent sessions on Tuesday. Attendees received a copy of the presentations at registration.


BiTS 2000 Attendees

BiTS 2000 brought 201 participants from around the world representing end users and suppliers of sockets, boards, burn-in systems, handlers, packages and other related equipment, materials and services.

BiTS 2000 Organizing Committee

BiTS Steering Committee (left to right): Bill Mann (IEEE), Paul Boyce (Motorola), Ariane Loranger (Loranger International), Valts Treibergs (PrimeYield Systems), John Ambrosini (Enplas-Tesco), Fred Taber (IBM), Wray Johnson (Texas Instruments), Rafiq Hussain (AMD)


BiTS 2000 Press


Sunday, February 27, 2000


Panel Discussion: "Socket Specifications – Are They Valid? "

Moderator: Fred Taber
Panel Members:  J. Albert Loranger II Loranger International Corp.
Mark Godfrey PrimeYield Systems, Inc.
Jeff Farnsworth WELLS-CTI
Dan Cram Micron Technology
Clay Carpenter Intel
Howard Garcia IBM Microelectronics

Monday, February 28, 2000


Fred Taber, General Chair – BiTS Workshop -  IBM Microelectronics

Session 1 Introduction to Socketing

  • "Thermal Management & The Parameters That Affect Heat Dissipation During Burn-in"
    Erik Orwoll, WELLS-CTI
  • "A Typical Manufacturing Burn-in Process"
    Edumban Kaneasan, AMD
  • "Interface Considerations For High Performance Contactors In Automated Test Environments"
    Dan Maccoux, Pamela Lohr - Johnstech International

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Session 2 Socket Design

  • "Package Tolerance Of VFQON: Effect On Socket Design"
    David Pfaff, Marc Abelanet - Plastronics
  • "Aspect Of Socket Designs And Its Trends"
    Lin Pong Goh - Intel
  • "Interconnect Solutions For ATE"
    Mehdi Attaran, Iraj Barabi - Oztek

2000s2.pdf pdficonsmall.gif (153 bytes) (1.77 MB)

Keynote Speaker

    Charles Lassen - Prismark Partners LLC

prismark2000.pdf pdficonsmall.gif (153 bytes) (1.13MB)

Tuesday, February 29, 2000

Session 3 Evaluation and Characterization

  • "A Method For Measuring And Evaluating Contact Resistance In Burn-in And Test Sockets"
    Angelo Giaimo - IBM Microelectronics
  • "Methodology For Characterizing RF Response Of Sockets And Test Contactors"
    Best Data

    Valts Treibergs - PrimeYield Systems, Inc.
  • "Test And Burn-in Socket Evaluation For PBGA Devices"
    Zenon Podpora - IBM Microelectronics
  • "Characterization Of High Performance Contactors For Production RDRAM Chip-scale Package Test"

    Ken Karklin - Agilent Technologies
    Francois Billaut, Gary L. Chew -  Hewlett Packard Company

2000s3.pdf pdficonsmall.gif (153 bytes) (4.14 MB)

Parallel Sessions: 4A Burn-in Board Design & 4B Test Sockets/Contactors

Burn-in Board Design

  • "Burn-in Board Design For Manufacturing"
    Aamir Jamil - Pycon, Inc.
  • "Burn-in Board Design Consideration For High Speed & High Power Devices"
    Aamir Jamil - Pycon, Inc.
  • "Burn-in Board Design Considerations"
    Tony Valente - Unisys – Unigen

2000s4a.pdf pdficonsmall.gif (153 bytes) (2.48 MB)

Test Sockets/Contactors

  • "Evaluation Of Test Socket For TSOPII Package"
    Peng Ching Ho - Micron Semiconductor
  • "Critical Performance Characteristics For High Frequency Test Contactors "
    John O’Sullivan - Johnstech International
  • "Design Characteristics Of Test Contactor And ESD Concerns"
    Jit Cheh Tan, Tark Wooi Fong - Intel

2000s4b.pdf pdficonsmall.gif (153 bytes) (1.06 MB)

Session 5 Mechanical Aspects

  • "Effects Of Gold Plated Contacts In BGA Burn-in Sockets"
    Alfred Sugarman, Ariane Loranger - Loranger International Corp.
  • "Challenges of Burn-in Socket Design For Fine Pitch (0.5mm) CSP/uBGA"
    Yoshinori Egawa - Yamaichi Electronics USA, Inc
    Shunji Abe - Yamaichi Electronics, Inc. - Japan
  • "A Closed Loop Geometric Tolerance Socket Design Process For Area Array IC Packages"
    Gordon A. Vinther - Everett Charles Technologies

2000s5.pdf pdficonsmall.gif (153 bytes) (6.11 MB)

Session 6 New Technologies

  • "Using MicroSpringtm Contacts As Second Level Interconnect"
    John Novitsky - FormFactor
  • "A New Burn-in Socket For Fine Pitch BGAs"
    Yuji Wada, Akio Hasebe, Kenichiro Morinaga, Hideo Arima - Hitachi Ltd.
    Hiroyuki Mogi, Hokuto Kanesashi, Tomoaki Soshi - Enplas Corporation
  • "Novel Contacting Technology For Fine Pitch Leaded & Area Array Devices"
    Frank Bumb, Ron Revell - 3M

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