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BiTS is the world's premier workshop dedicated to providing a forum for the latest information about burn-in and test socketing, and related fields.
At BiTS you'll find a comprehensive technical program, exhibits of the latest products and services, and many opportunities to meet, network and explore ideas with other test and burn-in socketing professionals.

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The papers in this publication comprise the proceedings of the 2003 BiTS Workshop. They reflect the authors’ opinions and are reproduced as presented , without change. Their inclusion in this publication does not constitute an endorsement by the BiTS Workshop, the sponsors, BiTS Workshop LLC, or the authors.

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The fourth annual Burn-in and Test Socket (BiTS) Workshop was sponsored by the Test Technology Technical Council of the IEEE Computer Society. BiTS is the only IEEE sponsored workshop dedicated to providing a forum for the latest information about socketing and related fields. At BiTS where you'll find a comprehensive technical program, exhibits of the latest products and services, and many opportunities to meet, network and explore ideas with other test and burn-in socketing professionals.

Technical Program

More than 20 presentations addressing important topics in socketing and related areas were delivered by authors from the user and supplier communities. Our panel discussion brought together a distinguished group of experts who shared their thoughts and took questions on a challenging subject of current interest. In the keynote address, a renown industry leader spoke on a topic that stimulated thoughts and ideas.


BiTS 2003 Expo (Supplier Displays)

34 suppliers, from socketing and related industries, are expected to display their products during breaks in the technical program.

Click HERE for a list of exhibitors.

BiTS 2003 Attendees

BiTS 2003 brought over 210 participants from around the world representing end users and suppliers of sockets, boards, burn-in systems, handlers, packages and other related equipment, materials and services.

BiTS 2003 Organizing Committee

Fred Taber (IBM), Paul Boyce (Advantage Specialist), John Hartstein (Wells-CTI), Clay Carpenter (Intel), Valts Treibergs (ECT), John Ambrosini (Enplas-Tesco), Maddie Harwood (IEEE), Bill Mann (SW Test Workshop), Rafiq Hussain (AMD), Owen Prillaman (Yamaichi), John O'Sullivan (Johnstech). 



Welcome to BiTS

Fred Taber, IBM, BiTS General Chairman's Opening Remarks

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Sunday, March 2, 2003

Pre-Panel Presentation

  •  "Cost Considerations In Burn-In Equipment Development"
    Anne Sepic & Dan Weinstein
    Intel Corporation

2003panel.pdf pdficonsmall.gif (153 bytes) (154 KB)

Panel Discussion

Topic: "Reducing The Cost Of Test & Burn-in - What Are The Options?"

Moderator: Fred Taber, IBM Microelectronics

Panel Members:
Ken Heiman, Micro Control Company
Marc Knox, IBM Microelectronics
M.S. Maung, Advanced Micro Devices
Helge Puhlmann, Yamaichi Electronics Deutschland
Steve Strauss, Intel
Bob Zacharis, Pycon

(see the panel members in the PDF file above)

Monday, March 3, 2003

Session 1: "Test and Burn-in Operations"

We kicked things off in this opening session with presentations covering several techniques and methodologies to improve Test and Burn-in operations. We heard about ways to raise yield, increase productivity, lower cost and reduce lead-time.

  • "Full Wafer Contact Burn-In and Test - The Ultimate in Parallelism"
    Steve Steps
    AEHR Test

  • "Strategic Use of Burn-In"
    Tamas Kerekes
    ELES Semiconductor Equipment

  • "A Flexible Electrical Interface Design for the Fixture Between Tester and DUT to Achieve Reduced Cost and Leadtime in ATE Toolings"
    Koh Tuan Meng & Lim Kok Lay
    (Presented by Steve Hamren)
    Micron Technology

2003s1.pdf pdficonsmall.gif (153 bytes) (550 KB)

Session 2: "Burn-in Tools And Test Equipment"

This session's presenters shared their work on tools, equipment and methods, for Burn-in systems, burn-in boards and sockets, that automate, simplify, test, measure and monitor.

  • "DUT Host: DUT-level Burn-in System Diagnostic Tool"
    Trent W. Johnson
    Advanced Micro Devices

  • "Total Automation of Burn-in Process Flow"
    S. Kumaran
    Trio-Tech International

  • "Qualification of Test and Burn-In Sockets using a Desk Top Test System"
    Jeff Cymerys, Rafiq Hussain - Advanced Micro Devices
    Ken Hallmen - Checksum

2003s2.pdf pdficonsmall.gif (153 bytes) (949 KB)

Tuesday, March 4, 2003

Session 3: "Socket And Board Development"

Key development process steps include evaluating alternatives, simulating operation and performance testing. This session's presentations cover selecting and evaluating a BiB circuit design alternative, and simulating and testing socket performance.

  • "CAF Effect: Challenges for Fine Pitch Burn-in Board Design"
    Hon Lee Kon, Anthony Yeh Chiing Wong, K W Low
    Intel Corporation

  • "Automated Burn-In Socket Testing and Evaluation"

    Holger Hoppe
    Infineon Technologies

  • "Thermal Testing of Burn-In Sockets"

    James Forster & Savithri Subramanyam
    Texas Instruments

2003s3.pdf pdficonsmall.gif (153 bytes) (2.83 MB)

Session 4: "Modeling & Characterization"

This session has always been one of the most popular at BiTS and this year should be no exception. With discussions relevant to today's higher power and higher pin count devices, our presenters will discuss measuring current carrying capacity, socket force models and contact resistance.

  • "Experimental Methods for Measuring Current Carrying Capacity of Sockets"
    Roger Weiss, PhD
    Paricon Technologies Corp.

  • "Compression Force Model for Sockets Using Response Surface Methodology"
    Ila Pal
    Ironwood Electronics Inc.

  • "Effect of Pin Tip Structure on Contact Resistance"
    Jiachun (Frank) Zhou, Alberto M. Campos, Jim Roundy
    Kulicke & Soffa Interconnect, Inc.
    Glenn A. Cunningham - Intel

2003s4.pdf pdficonsmall.gif (153 bytes) (765  KB)

Session 5: "Thermal Management Techniques"

Controlling the temperature of today's higher power devices during test and burn-in operations has led to thermal management provisions becoming an integral feature in sockets. Learn about methods and techniques to control device temperature and ways to characterize and implement them.

  • "Thermal Interface Materials: An Implementation Process (From Cradle to Grave)"

    Marc Knox, Michelle Qiao, Tuknekah Noble & Yvan Cossette
  • "Characterization of a Thermal Control Unit Using Various Thermal Enhancers"
    Jihad Y. Hammoud - Kulicke & Soffa
    Anand V. Reddy - Intel 
  • "Least-Volume Optimization of Finned Heat Sinks for Burn-In Air Cooling Solutions"
    Zhaojuan He, Patrick E. Phelan
    Arizona State University
  • "Thermo-electric Coolers - Are They For Everyone?"
    Giray Kaya
    Reliability Inc.

2003s5.pdf pdficonsmall.gif (153 bytes) (1.03 MB)

Session 6: "Socketing Lead-Free Packages"

The move to lead-free solder compositions is accelerating. What is the effect of lead-free solder materials on the performance of sockets and contacts? Will lead-free alloys drive development of new socket and contact technologies? Hear the results of three studies that discuss these questions.

  • "Lead Free Area Array Module Test and Burn-in"
    Ethan Gallagher,  Zenon Podpora

  • "Lead Free Contacting"
    Bert Brost
    Johnstech International

  • "The Effects of No Lead Solder Balls on Burn-In Socket Design Decisions"

    Mike Noel, Don VanOverloop, Daniel Wilcox, K.Y. Yap - Motorola
    Tom Lyzinski, Keith Callahan -Wells-CTI

2003s6.pdf pdficonsmall.gif (153 bytes) (3.27 MB)

BiTS Keynote Speaker

Keynote Topic:  "IC Market Recovery Outlook"

Keynote Speaker:  Bill McClean, President, IC Insights

2003keynote.pdf pdficonsmall.gif (153 bytes) (1.15 MB)

Wednesday, March 5, 2003

Session 7: "Contact Technology"

It's the first time at BiTS for a full session focused on socket contacts. Topics covered in the presentations include plating to reduce solder adhesion, optimizing performance of fine pitch contacts and the effect of contactor geometry on high frequency performance.

  • "Electroplated Palladium-Cobalt on Test Probe Plungers: An Improved Method for Reducing Solder Adhesion"
    Therese Souza, Larre Nelson
    Rika Denshi America

  • "Contact Technology For 0.5 mm Pitch and Below"
    Prasanth Ambady, James Forster, Jason Cullen
    Texas Instruments

  • "High Frequency Performance of Various Test Contactor Geometries - 0.8mm Pitch"
    Eric Fachon
    QA Technology

2003s7.pdf pdficonsmall.gif (153 bytes) (1.31 MB)

Session 8: "Properties of Socket Materials"

There are many factors, and their specifications, to consider when selecting materials for test and burn-in socket bodies. In another new session at BiTS, you'll hear an array of information to assist and guide your materials selection process.

  • "Materials for Test Sockets"
    Richard W. Campbell, PhD

  • "Permittivity Determination of Contactor Dielectrics at RF Frequencies"
    Jason Mroczkowski
    Everett Charles Technologies

  • "High Flow Glass filled Polyetherimide Resins for Burn-In Test Sockets"
    Ken Rudolph, Robert R. Galluci, Chisato Suganuma
    General Electric Plastics

2003s8.pdf pdficonsmall.gif (153 bytes) (3.59 MB)

Noon – Awards Presentation and Wrap-up

Fred Taber's closing remarks for BiTS 2003.

2003closing.pdf pdficonsmall.gif (153 bytes) (896 KB)

After three days loaded with information and networking, it was now time to pack our bags and take what we've learned back to our jobs. But first, there were a few closing remarks after some recognition to the people and papers that have distinguished themselves in one way or another at BiTS 2003. 



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