Strategic Sponsorship & Advertising Opportunities for TestConX 2020

Printed advertisement in the TestConX 2020 Workshop Guide & Exhibitor Directory

Inside front or back cover - $700;  Full page - $500;  One-half page - $300;  Business card - $175

Electronic advertisement on the TestConX Program Monitors

Static Image $600
Video $900

Printed + Electronic

Special: Save 40% on any print ad when combined with an electronic ad
e-Ad + printed full page $900
e-Ad + printed 1/2 page $780
e-Ad + printed business card ad $705

Whether you choose a printed ad or an electronic one, you’ll reach every TestConX Workshop participant with your message.

Printed: Every TestConX participant receives the TestConX Workshop Guide in their registration kit. The Workshop Guide is a handsome, full color, "pocket-sized" (approximately 8.5" x 4") booklet guide to the TestConX Workshop. Workshop participants use this guide throughout the conference and as a reference after the workshop.

Electronic: The TestConX Program Monitors are located in a high traffic area displaying the technical program and other information throughout the workshop. They are viewed frequently by the participants. Your full screen ad will cycle as a part of the viewing sequence on each monitor. Your ad may be a single image (no audio) or up to a 30 second video (with or without audio); the run rate for single image ads will be more frequent than for a video ad.

Workshop Guide Cover

Cover of TestConX 2019 Workshop Guide

Advertising Merchandise

Whether your marketing aim is ‘at-event’ and/or ‘post-event’, these merchandise choices offer a way to reach many or all of the TestConX attendees and participants. Each is an exclusive opportunity. Choose from these merchandise options or contact the TestConX Office to specify and budget other exclusive options to best fit your needs:

  • Name Badge Lanyards - $3,500 - with tote bag option - $7,500

    This is an exclusive opportunity for your company to reach every TestConX Workshop participant. Your company’s logo is imprinted on every name badge lanyard which will be seen at all TestConX Workshop events. Name Badge lanyards are included in each attendee’s registration kit which is distributed at workshop registration. (500 lanyards)

  • Totebags - $5,000

    Every TestConX Professional attendee receives a tote bag imprinted with your company’s logo (2-color) and the TestConX logo. The tote bag contains the attendee’s registration kit. It is a very handy and popular item both at TestConX and afterwards. (325 tote bags)

    Save by sponsoring the Lanyard and Tote Bags for $7,500

  • Notebooks - $6,000

    This unique opportunity gives your company name visibility to every full conference attendee and has the potential for lasting use. Your company’s logo (2-color) is imprinted on a handsome and useful notebook. The notebooks are included in each attendee’s registration kit which is distributed at workshop registration. (325 notebooks)

  • Hotel Key Cards - $2,750

    This singular opportunity displays your company name/logo every time an attendee accesses his/her room at the Hilton. The Hilton distributes these plastic key cards when attendees register for their rooms. (400 card keys)

  • Other - pricing is per agreement

    Select the precise logo’d merchandise that suits your promotional message and budget


Banner sponsorships reach every TestConX participant, whether it’s a Hanging Banner overlooking the EXPO area or a Standing Banner located in a high traffic location. Choose the banner type, and from the many available locations, to suit delivering your message. (Production is not included in the price - Company provides the banner).

  • Hanging Banners - $500

    Elevated from the EXPO floor, Hanging Banners provides high visibility recognition for your company and message during the entire workshop. Hanging Banner nominal size is 4’ x 8’ with 35 ft2 maximum.

  • Standing Banner - $250

    Located at floor level, a Standing Banner offers recognition for your company and message during the entire workshop as TestConX participants pass by. Standing Banner size is limited to 3’ wide x 8’ high maximum.

Download this Sponsorship/Advertising form and fill in the fields or print it out:
TestConX 2020 sponsorship advertising package  PDF

TestConX 2020 Workshop Guide Ad Specifications  PDF

Choose a sponsorship or advertising opportunity, then e-mail or fax the complete document to the TestConX Office.

TestConX Office

Attn: Sponsorships
PO Box 1053
Los Altos, CA 94023 USA

Phone: +1 650-690-2395
[javascript protected email address]

  • Sponsorship & Advertising opportunities are limited and are offered on a first-come, first-served basis.  Priority (until August 1, 2019), in the form of the right of first refusal, will be given to prior year's subscriber(s).
  • Deliverables (e.g. logo, promo photos, ad copy, etc.) and their due dates will be communicated to the sponsor/advertiser by the BiTS Registration Office upon acceptance of your Sponsorship & Advertising Order Form.

TestConX 2020 Sponsorship & Advertising Opportunities
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bullet Event and Activity and Custom Sponsorships - (each are exclusive) - find out more..
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